Global Supply & Medical Sourcing Management
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The pandemic has taken a toll on many, however, several countries, cities, and villages suffer every day from lack of water, medical supplies, equipment and other necessities. Whether you are in a first or third world country, the demand for medication is high and the cost keeps rising.

Lentus Medical is dedicated to sourcing and providing you with the information and contacts you need to ensure no one man, woman, or child is left behind. Low cost, no red tape, tracking and customer service included for your peace of mind.

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What We Offer
Equipment, supplies, medicine, and services.


Our team of global sourcing experts search, locate, manage and also offer a finance option for your medical equipment requirements.


Need gloves, maybe face masks or personal protective equipment. Send us an e-mail and let us get you what you're looking for.


Access to various suppliers, manufacturers and producers worldwide including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biomedicine, herbs and much more.


Now offering a liaison advantage for medical consulting via MD, ND, TCMP, treatments, and other related services. Virtual options also available.